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We’re a boutique marketing agency dedicated to helping Bitterroot Valley
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“We’ve been in the valley for
20 years and we have never
had anybody do or teach us
what she has.” ​

  – Maggie of Lube Quick & Reliance Auto

Hamilton, MT

How can we help you get more customers?

The pandemic has changed the way business is done. The companies that will survive are the ones that can innovate, pivot, and adapt to the times. We specialize in creativity and innovation. We can give you the winning strategies to help your company pivot and thrive even in uncertain times. 

Think of us as your pre-sales team. We’re the first point of contact between you and future customers. Its our job to reach out to your audience and engage them until they become your customer. As your website designers, content creators, and social media managers, we plant the first seeds in your prospective customer’s minds. When marketing is executed correctly, we generate the warmest leads, we make your sales team’s jobs easier, we delight

your customers after the sale to eliminate refund requests, and we keep your business at the top of your customer’s minds. We do boring, technical marketing stuff that every other digital marketing agency does too, however, the art of strategic positioning, fostering interest in a captive audience, and running self-sustaining, organic, off-line marketing campaigns, is where we shine. These skillsets are invaluable to businesses during a time of crisis. During the pandemic, we will help you perfect your online strategies so you can recapture local commerce from the Walmart.coms and Amazons of the internet and identify additional revenue streams to help your business survive no matter the times.

Our company Founder has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for former clients and greatly desires to use her skillset to help local Bitterroot Valley businesses prosper. If you’re a business owner in Ravalli or Missoula County and would like help identifying how you can continue to stay in business and thrive during the pandemic, give us a call.

“She helped me develop a network of students.”

-Carlson Gracie Jr. of the Carlson Gracie Federation

Chicago, IL

Our Founder previously worked as the Digital Marketing Director
for the Carlson Gracie Federation, an international brand with
well over100 locations worldwide