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"We went from barely surviving to doing very well. I wanted to give you credit for that because it really is because of you."

- Business Owner Reference Available Upon Request

Downtown Hamilton, MT

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"My dad and I have been reading National Oil and Lube News for 15 years. I can't believe they want to interview us! How did you get ahold of them?"

- TJ Brough of Lube Quick

Hamilton, MT

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"She helped me create a network of students. I highly recommend."

- Carlson Gracie Jr. of Carlson Gracie Federation

Chicago, IL


6th degree black belt holder Carlson Gracie Jr. is nicknamed "The Prince of Jiu-Jitsu" and is a regular staple in magazines, blogs, tv, and media publications. With approximately 100 international franchise partners and the legendary Gracie family history, Junior is the sole heir carrying on his father's legacy with extreme honor, compassion, and kindness. Carlson Gracie Jr. is one of the most recognized names in jiu-jitsu internationally and domestically.