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Bitterroot Valley Marketing's mission is to help local businesses prosper so that ultimately, the Bitterroot Valley's economic climate increases. We especially want to help local businesses who reinvest their time, resources and efforts back into building up the Bitterroot Valley and our community. 

We understand that not every business is at the stage where they can can afford to outsource their marketing efforts, however, we're serious about wanting to see the Bitterroot Valley thrive. Therefore, we'll be offering free, evening mini-courses for solo entrepreneurs, new businesses, and small business owners who don't have the budget to hire a marketing agency yet.

Whether your business falls into this category or not, you're welcome to attend these classes for free. Please use the poll on the right let us know which marketing topic you'd like us to develop a bi-monthly, free, evening course about. Once your input is in and we get the course prepared, we'll email you an invitation to attend!

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