Can We Go From 0 to 10,000 TikTok Followers within 1 Week?

The Challenge:

My name is Lisa. I own 2 marketing agencies and I want to crack the TikTok algorithm. I want to figure out how to take a brand new TikTok profile from 0 followers to 10,000 followers within 1 week, and 50,000 followers within 1 month. Can I use my marketing skills to make it grow extremely fast? Essentially.... can I make my new profile go viral?

I’ve read all the advice.

  • Capture attention within 3 seconds

  • Add value

  • Figure out what’s trending

  • Keep the videos short

  • Have a great background

I'm interested in figuring out how to achieve this for my marketing agency clients. I'm even more interested in testing out some marketing theories on the back end. I don't want to lip sync, dance, or wear uncomfortable clothing.

....but can I still go viral if I don't do the same things all the viral videos and accounts do? I going to need to "sell out" to become a TikTok star?

I tell all my marketing clients that anything can become a million dollar business. That they don't need to sell out, compromise their values, or do something trendy "just" to get attention and grow their business. That its just a matter of understanding the marketing formula and to focus on being really, really, REALLY good at the one thing their business will be known for.

Its time for me to put my money where my mouth is and apply the same tactic for myself, and for my marketing agency.

Challenge Accepted:

I want to figure out how to make a profile and how to make content go viral, but here are the conditions I want to abide by:

  • No lip syncing

  • No dancing

  • Add real value to the audience while keeping my own "voice"

  • Later, I want to figure out a way to monetize the attention. Until then, I will simply build an engaged audience

My Hypothesis:

I think if we applied everything I, my team, and my network of influencer associates know, I could comfortably grow at the pace of 10,000 new followers in 1 week for a grand total of 40,000 followers in 1 month.

Future Goals:

I, and everyone else at my marketing agency always tells our clients there are 2 major parts to marketing:

  1. Getting attention

  2. Once you have that attention, how will you turn it into sales?

When I look at this TikTok experiment, I know this will be a test in commanding pure traffic and attention. I will focus on generating traffic and attention first, then, I will figure out the second part later. How to monetize it and turn it into sales.

Facebook is a great example of this model. First, they gained popularity and acquired users. They did not charge any money for years. All they did was focus on driving traffic to their service. Then, once they had the attention, (and we were all hooked), they began turning their attention into "how can we convert all this attention into sales revenue?".

Curious? Here is What You Should Do:

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