Case Study: How We Helped a Client Increase Profits by 50% Within 30 Days

Summary Overview:

Our client runs a booming, busy, service-based business that caters to some of the most well-known and affluent individuals in the country. Although her business looked like it had all the winning elements, secretly, her business was struggling to stay afloat. She hired us for a consultation and we helped her increase her profits by 50% within a month of implementing our suggestions.

About the Client:

Our client has been in business for a few decades and provides a great luxury service with very high quality output. Her services are frequently requested in major metropolitan cities by her clients and her clients fly her out to their various locations frequently. Her client base consists of some of the most recognizable names in the country and although she is not published in magazines and she is not an industry celebrity herself, her work is well known within her client base and in the area.

The Business Problem:

Although her business looked like it had all the elements of great success, secretly, the business was struggling to stay afloat. She was extremely tired and overworked. Her schedule was overbooked, and although there was a frequent demand for her services, internally, her business was not healthy. Although she loved what she did, running the business was taking a toll on her stress levels.

How Bitterroot Valley Marketing Helped the Client:

Have you ever heard the old story of a boilermaker who first hired an average engineer, then an expert engineer to fix a huge steamship boiler system that wasn't working? If you haven't, you can read the quick and entertaining story HERE. Just like the unconventional engineer who was able to fix a huge problem within 10 minutes, (even though others that were hired before him couldn't find the problem even after spending the whole day attempting to diagnose the issue), we quickly identified multiple areas that would drastically alter the health of this client's business if they were improved.

Although most people think marketing is solely related to billboards, posters, flyers, facebook ads, and website development, marketing is more than that. Marketing encompasses branding, creating a company voice, finding the winning product to sell, identifying the right market, crafting the right message, identifying the winning price point, creating the winning offer, etc.

There is a lot of non-glamorous behind-the-scenes marketing work that occurs when no one is looking. The companies that win in the market are the ones with larger marketing budgets and a team of people who help them define their marketing brand, customer, and strategy before they ever run their first ad. Most small businesses don't have the budget or the time to do all the behind-the-scenes marketing work before they open their doors.

Since there are so many elements and directions in marketing, it can quickly become a big black hole that business owners can get lost in.

If business owners don't have a firm grasp of the elements that will help them win, it can be very discouraging to sink a lot of time, money, and effort into marketing and not see results. As a result, we always try to get our clients a quick win. We do our best to identify the easiest way to accomplish our client's goal with the least amount of effort.

Since our client couldn’t afford marketing services but knew she needed something different, she hired us for 1 marketing consultation to stay within her budget.

During the Consultation:

During the consultation, we identified 3 key focal areas, gave her the directions on how to improve those areas, and explained how these key elements would drastically transform her business. After we made the suggestions, she told us she didn't want to make any of the changes. She explained why our suggestions wouldn't work in her business and thanked us for our time.

We offered her a refund because it seemed like we were unable to help her, however, she insisted on paying us.

After we left the consultation, we felt like we failed her. Privately, we were sad about how this consultation went. We felt like we let her down. We felt like maybe we didn’t understand her needs enough. We always try to add value for each one of our clients, but we failed to add value to her and her business. Although we did not take it personally, we even assumed that she didn’t even like us.

What Happened After & The Results:

A few months later, her Office Manager gave us a call. The business owner got on the phone and immediately she told us,

“We went from barely surviving to doing very well. I wanted to give you credit for that because it really is because of you.”

Her voice sounded infinitely less stressed than it did during our last conversation. She was extremely calm and relaxed. It sounded like she was smiling at us over the phone.

She explained to us that she decided to implement the first suggestion we made during our consultation. She now had financial breathing room and the reason she was calling was because she wanted to hire us again.

Since the first suggestion we made transformed her business so drastically, she wanted to hire us to help her implement the 2nd suggestion we made during the consultation.

She has hired us for a total of 3 projects now, after we brought her a marketing win that helped her grow her business. It brought us great joy to hear about her marketing and business wins. We truly feel like the hallmark of success is when our clients come back to do more business with us, and each time they do, their business has grown since the last time.

Return on the Business Owner's Investment:

This business owner earned more than 3x the cost of her marketing investment with us within 1 day of implementing the change we suggested.

How You Can Benefit:

If you are a business owner who can’t afford a full marketing package, but would like some direction on where to apply your efforts to generate the greatest return on your investment, please call (406) 402-8404 to book a consultation with us.

We will work with you to show you the most strategic place to concentrate your efforts (time and money) to achieve your desired results.

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