Pro Tip: How to Identify the BEST Salesperson in Your Small Business


Imagine This Scenario:

A professionally dressed sales man walks into your office and says, “I’m looking for a sales job. I can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without sleep or bathroom breaks.”

While on the phone with his references, one of his previous employers reported, “He is excellent at both lead generation and making on-the-spot sales. He memorized every little detail about our company and could answer almost every question any potential customer had. He works well with other sales team members by passing leads he generated to them without arguing about his commission split. He has an ability to immediately establish trust with potential customers and helped us build an excellent, trustworthy reputation around town. He generated over $300k in gross sales just last year alone, and has already set up about $30k in the pipeline for this upcoming quarter. He is the most hard working and dependable sales team member we’ve ever had.”

Hiring the Salesman

What kind of salary and commission offer would you make to get this salesman on staff at your company? $45k/yr + 20% commissions? $65k/yr + 8% commissions? $125k/yr + 15% commission + bonuses? Would you take a temporary pay cut to ensure he signed on to work for your company instead of your competitor? How much do you think a sales man like him is worth to your company?

Who Is This Salesman?

Would you believe this amazing salesman would be willing to work for your company for less than $200 each year? Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to pay his employment taxes, insurance, Christmas bonuses, or even his commission check.

This unbelievably amazing salesman is: Your Website.

Your Website as a Sales Person

Do you view your website like it is one of your sales team members? Have you invested in setting up your website in a manner that warms up your leads? Do you task your website with lead generation? Do you review your website’s performance, analyze it, and strategize ways to improve its sales? Does your website establish trust, credibility and pre-qualifies potential customers before you even speak to them? If you haven’t looked at your website like you look at a sales team member on your payroll, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful sales and lead generators you could ever invest in.

Thank you!

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